Ale Rosales [Granada EIC] is a leftists mestizx lesbian. She lives in San Diego and Tijuana with her cat, Suh. She is studying English and Ethnic Studies since late stage capitalism means she wouldn't get a job anyways. She was previously an editor and contributor for The Fruit Tree, an independent LGBT lit mag. If you want to contact her, you can find her on twitter @sorginale. You can also find her zines at (She/they)

imari m.m. clement [Chief Curator] is an Afro-latinx lesbian writer, artist, and student in San Diego, CA. They study Ethnic Studies with particular interests in the intersection of art, activism, and culture, intersectional decolonial praxis, womxn of color feminisms and social/political philosophies. (They/them)

Gurleen Kang [Granada nonfiction editor] is a woman majoring in English with a creative writing emphasis and a minor in International Relations at USD. She writes fiction and non-fiction centering around issues of immigration and race. She plans on finishing law school and publishing work in the future. (She/her)

Chital Mehta [Granada fiction editor] has authored fiction novels I Luv My Lyf, The Promise, Are you the one for me? and The Heart’s Whisper. Her novel, The Promise, went on to sell more than 6000 copies and was a National Bestseller. She holds an MFA in Creative Writing (Fiction) from Lindenwood University, and believes that every style of art must be cherished to its truest form. “The Chennai Killings” is her recent release. She is deeply passionate about human life and is constantly on the lookout for good stories. She usually spends her time writing ‘THE’ book and chasing butterflies with her toddler. Currently, she is residing in Massachusetts, US with her husband and children. You can connect with her on Facebook, on twitter, or on her website.

Raquel Bours [Granada poetry editor] is wonderful. She has previously published work at The Fruit Tree, an independent LGBT+ journal. (She/her)

We are currently on the lookout for more people to join our team! If you're interested, please email us a short bio, as well as a writing/art sample. Our email is

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